OPTITRIM is a partial meal replacement program that helps patients to control their calorie intake by replacing one or two meals each day with OPTIFAST products. This leaves you responsible for preparing only one nutritious meal every day. The freedom offered by the OPTITRIM program can help you to lose weight without depriving you completely of your regular diet and favorite healthy foods. This provides patients that need to lose 20 – 50 pounds with all of the nutritional and weight loss benefits that the OPTIFAST program offers.

At ThinFast MD we offer a comprehensive program built around the OPTIFAST program that includes:

  • Medical monitoring and supervision
  • Weekly meetings focused around nutrition and behavioral education
  • 4 weeks of personalized nutritional and dietary guidance during transition back to your normal diet
  • Laboratory work and EKG to be completed as required

The OPTITRIM program is ideal for patients that are accustomed to inconsistent dining due to work, school or family requirements. The OPTITRIM products are great on the go. The convenience of the OPTITRIM program allows patients to have a low calorie nutritional alternative to the high fat and calorie content of fast food. The one remaining meal of the day provides the opportunity to incorporate the nutritional and healthy eating habits that are encouraged as part of the OPTITRIM program.

While participating in the OPTITRIM program your daily calorie intake will be severely reduced. In many patients this calorie reduction results in 2-3 pounds of lost weight every week. The OPTITRIM program involves medical supervision and ongoing support.

The OPTITRIM program is a successful and popular weight loss program that helps moderately overweight individuals lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. Many patients that pursue the OPTITRIM program find the variety of OPTIFAST weight loss shakes and nutrition bars very satisfying. While participating in the program you will likely consume two OPTIFAST shakes and two supplement bars every day, in addition to one homemade nutritious meal. The shakes and bars are recommended to be consumed every few hours so to reduce hunger and increase fullness throughout the day.

If you are overweight and searching for a weight loss program that will help you to lose anywhere between 20 and 50 pounds the OPTITRIM program may be the solution. For more information regarding the OPTITRIM partial meal replacement program please contact us to schedule an appointment.